I have a case of Starr Hill in my fridge right now

preferences are killing dozens of industries

Some days ago I read an interview with one of the more important politicians in Germany conservative party, where he complained about millenials not buying into consumerism as much, and also about his political opponents not protecting ye olde businesses enough from this trend. All I could think of was buggy whips: if your industry is not dying because someone invented a better and cheaper way to meet demands, but because there is no longer as much demand (if at all!), then, sorry, no, you do not deserve to be saved, or bailed out even.

I agree and I disagree at the same time. An entire nations might find themselves in a position of not being able to compete with large international conglomerates. Smaller nations are less likely to have more than 1 or 2 large corps of their own and what happens if 1 collapses gets out competed bought by the competitors.

We have already seen what had happened in Finland with Nokia. Sure the situation is not that bad at first. Finland is still one of the richest nations. But it hit them really hard. Their economy is “stagnating” and the unemployment rate increased.

> We have already seen what had happened in Finland with Nokia. Sure the situation is not that bad at first. Finland is still one of the richest nations. But it hit them really hard. Sure we could be shoveling sand replica louis vuitton from pit A to pit B, but that isn going to help us in the global economy, even if it had some local effects. Oh, and one of the lessons that millenials should be thought imho, would be that, paradoxical as it may seem, on the collective level, by spending less fake louis bag you making yourselves poorer! Of course, the “on a collective level” is the part most people fail to grok.

That is a big question, sure. I did not mean to handwave that problem away. In that Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags particular interview one of the key points was the automotive industry, with the diesel scandal. If millenials don want to buy these cars, maybe sell electric cars and invest into infrastructure projects, or invest more into car sharing (which they already do with DriveNow etc). All better than just using public funds to keep producing the same old 1:1 replica handbags cars, in this example.

> Home ownership is a giant pain and often a poor financial choiceYeah, this probably doesn get discussed enough. In my NYC co op, all of that would have been dealt with and paid with the co op fees (which are more than reasonable). Need a copy of the firmware for a 1984 HP sig an? Some dude will have it. Other trades have similar sites Hvac talk in this case, absolutely high quality discourse. The great thing is that most of the time these guys will have in their vBulletin signatures their qualifications like “Master Certified., 1984 “. Similarly, practicalmachinist is great for certain things. This mistake is fairly common apparently and can lead to significant issues down the line. So while I paid more for his labor, his industrial knowledge was effective “preventative maintenance”.[4] If you don want to have the time to perform due diligence, having a friend who is informed enough to vet the quality of work with you is worth it. A buddy of mine is a contractor who knows all of the corner that are often cut, the indicators of quality workmanship, etc.

I notice that the napkin entry implicitly assumes disposable napkins. Given that it often said that millennials value authenticity, I wonder if part of that decline can be attributed to cloth napkins, and the cited Washington Post article at least touches on that but doesn seem to have any data. For whatever reason, a lot of people seem to think that inflation ended in the 1970s and that we aren all running out and buying houses because we lack an “ownership culture” or whatever. even if this will likely coincide with the brink of technological singularity and the extinction of bio humans, I hope I see the short as it may be age when we use technology to engineer plenty, richness, artfulness and hedonistic excess in all areas of life instead of the current artificially synthetized scarcity in all things for the purposes of “efficiency” and “accelerating growth”. Therefore a lot of luxuries (or perceived luxuries) are disappearing. Homemade food is cheaper (probably healthier as well).2) Beer: harmful to health. People are now more likely to be aware of this, so a reduction in consumption is to be expected.3) Napkins: probably, perceived luxury. There are better cheap replica handbags , cheaper alternatives.4) Breastaurants: preceived luxury. Another factor here is that the younger generations are likelier to find these demeaning to women. I know I wouldn ever go to one of these.5) Cereal: this is an interesting case. My money is on two causes: one is that they are probably perceived to be harmful to health (most are more sugary than it seems at first glance), another one is that people are changing their breakfast habits because of time restrictions. Because yes, millenials aren just money poor; employed millenials are time poor too.6) Golf: obviously a luxury.7) Motorcycles: possibly a luxury too. If you run the numbers (as I have, but your results will depend on your location) you will probably found that public transport+Uber or equivalent is cheaper than having your own vehicle. In the case of Harley Davidson mentioned in the article, they are definitely a luxury.8) Homeownership: definitely a luxury; rent, shared homes or simply staying with your parents is just cheaper. Also, homeownership ties you into a given locations, yet the job market is likely to requiere people to move. Therefore homeownership is not a high quality replica handbags china smart move for a lot of people.9) Yogurt: not sure about this, probably it being perceived as harmful. However not every yogurt is packed with sugar; I wonder if healthier brands are faring better than not so healthy ones.10) Bars of soap: probably perceived as a luxury as well. The article mentions health concerns, whicih might be valid.11) Diamonds: this is not even a luxury. It and always has been, a racket based on very effective propaganda. Congratulations to millenials for replica louis vuitton handbags finally starting to end the farce.12) Fabric softener: luxury.13) Banks: well louis vuitton copy bags uk , you need to have money to use them, so don expect millenials to use banks all the time. Also some usual banking practices are really shady and millenials want to avoid them.14) Department stores: probably perceived as a luxury.15) Designed handbags: obvious luxury.16) Gyms: this is another interesting one; I would have bet that people are consuming it more than 20 years ago. I guess that memberships are just too expensive and people just go for a jog in the park. So, another luxury.17) Home improvement stores: well, millenials don usually own their houses and they are not going to spend their already meagers pool replica louis vuitton of time and money into improving another person house.18) Football: I can say much about this, because I Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags not from the US. The article mentions a decrease in cable TV, which is obviously a luxury. No real surprise here.

I was born right between Gen X and Millennials. Sometimes I am included as a millennial, sometimes not. I 50 on this list. Applebees: DEAD. “Low quality restaurant sees declining sales.” Color me shocked. Suffice to say, I haven set foot in an Applebees Chilis etc. in years. I was given a gift certificate a couple years ago, and used it at their sister restaurant On The Border for margaritas only. Beer: ALIVE. I surprised here, given literally all my friends love microbrews. I have a case of Starr Hill in my fridge right now. Is this looking at “Big Beer” and ignoring craft breweries? They also mention that “younger consumers prefer wine and spirits to beer”, but use Constellation Brands as an example. Other than Corona Modelo, Constellation is primarily wine (Black Box, Estancia, Robert Mondavi, Toasted Head, Woodbridge). Napkins: DEAD. Just a pain. Drives my mom nuts. That said, I do have linen napkins for nice occasions. Hooters: DEAD. Full of creepy old men who wish it was still the 80s. Cereal: ALIVE. My wife, in particular, eats cereal almost every morning. Golf: ALIVE. I enjoy golf. I don get out to play as much as I like, and when I do, it usually 9 holes. A full 18 just takes too long. Motorcycles: ALIVE. I used to ride a 1,000cc Aprilia Tuono R https://www.dolabuy.su/ , but sold it when I had my first kid. I miss it. Most of my motorcycle riding friends Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica are on the same trajectory, but that has nothing to do with generation. Homeownership: ALIVE. Just bought my second house. 50% of my friends own. Yogurt: ALIVE. Confused here, too, as they turn around and mention that Greek yogurt is popular. Anyway, yogurt (Greek) for lunch today. Bars of Soap: aaa replica designer handbags ALIVE. I like Caress. Diamonds: ALIVE. I have bought my wife a few. Just so damn expensive, and synthetic stones have reached par in quality. Fabric Softener: DEAD. According to Procter Gamble head of global fabric care, millennials “don even know what the product is for.” I don know what the product is for. Banks: ALIVE. Though what they really mean is: physical bank branches. In which case: DEAD. I haven visited a physical bank in years. Schwab is great. My wife recently opened a business credit card replica louis vuitton bags from china at BB and they told her she had to come in person to change her address. She is considering cancelling her account. Department Stores: DEAD. Sears and Macys are ghost towns. Norstrom does better. I feel like the quality is generally lower end, and I can get a cheaper price online for the good stuff. Designer Handbags: ALIVE. Most of the millennial women I know have at least one “nice” bag. Michael Kors and Kate Spade are kind of “young” or entry level. Tory Burch does well, along with stalwarts like Louis Vuitton and upstarts like Shinola. Gyms: ALIVE. I belong to a “big box” gym. I like all the different classes I can take, or that there are other facilities available. Home Depot: ALIVE and I am singlehandedly keeping them afloat. I guess this aligns with the “homeownership” bucket, but renters need stuff, too. I went to Home Depot twice this weekend. Football: ALIVE. I can wait for the fall, NCAA, and fantasy football. We did ditch cable this year, and that definitely has an impact. Football needs to catch up to viewer trends. Oddly enough, they miss the biggest existential threat to football: violence and brain injury. Oil: ALIVE. What? Sure, electric cars and bicycle usage are going to cut into gasoline sales, but this is just silly.

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